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SCHULE Shelling Machines for Multifunctional Application

Since 1892 SCHULE Mühlenbau have been well acquainted with all cereals-producing countries in the world and the corresponding cereals treatment methods. In the last years SCHULE have supplied large rice processing and parboiling plants as well as all auxiliary equipment, such as:

  • pre-cleaning,
  • silos,
  • husk discharge,
  • husk combustion plants,
  • steam plants,
  • polish discharge,
  • packing ,
  • storage of the finished products.

Rice mills and parboiling plants with very high capacities are the speciality of SCHULE Mühlenbau.

VERTICONE (VPC) - Shelling Machine for Cereals and Other Products

Die VPC is a vertical machine for shelling, whitening and polishing. The shelling concept for gentle treatment of different products allows removing the surface of a grain kernel layer by layer. The advantages of the vertical machine are its high throughput with high quality and a low percentage of broken rice.

Two Successful Applications of the Schule VPC

The VPC has already been tested in practice in different sectors worldwide, for example for shelling of barley, malt, durum and soft wheat, peas and lentils.

  1. During several years of joint research work, one of the most important starch producers in Europe and SCHULE have developed a treatment process for a special type of barley, with which a higher yield can be obtained from the raw material. The VPC is used in several industries which require a controlled and gentle shelling of their products.
  2. The shelling machine in the mill causes a reduction of the surface shell (bran), if possible without affecting the aleurone layer. The gentle and controlled shelling with the SCHULE shelling machine VPC does not only increase the capacity and save energy, but the first coarse meal passages also have a lower bran content. Furthermore, the percentage of high-quality semolina is increased.

The Mode of Operation of the VPC

The product is fed into the machine by means of a vertical pipe. A screw presses the product into the shelling chamber.

For vertical shelling from top to bottom, the VPC is equipped with abrasive conical grinding disks, which are provided with air channels. The smaller diameter of the shelling rotor is at the top, right below the feeding screw, the bigger one at the bottom, directly above the outlet.

The shelling effect can be influenced by adjusting the shelling gap, i.e. during operation of the machine the gap between the grinding discs and the screens can be changed by vertical height adjustment of the shelling rotor. This results in an optimum adaptation to different product sizes as well as in an adjustment of the shelling degree.

Further possibilities for exercising influence on the shelling degree are the grain size of the grinding discs, the design of the screens and braking strips in the working chamber as well as the adjustment of the weight-loaded outlet plate. An optimum automatic control system ensures continuous operation and a uniform shelling degree. Besides, the machine can be started and stopped without the assistance of personal.

The Conical Shelling Machine VPC can be used for the Following Products:

  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Durum
  • Bulgur
  • Barley
  • Peas (yellow, green)
  • Lentils (green, red)
  • Dry beans
  • Pepper (black)
  • Millet

Special Features of the VPC:

  • Conical shelling principle
  • Abrasive grinding discs
  • Finely adjustable working gap (distance between grinding discs and screens)
  • Adaptation to different varieties and products
  • Counterweight for fine adjustment
  • Product cooling system (low temperature increase during shelling)
  • Effective bran aspiration
  • Long service life of the discs and screens
  • Easy maintenance due to easily accessible wear parts

Adjustment of the Shelling Degree Through:

  • Capacity per hour
  • Gap adjustment between screens and grinding discs
  • Thickness of the brakes
  • Variable counterweight for the counter-pressure plate at the outlet

The Advantages:

  • Controlled shelling due to the conical shelling principle which is linearly adjustable for all types of cereals
  • Pre-shelling in flour mills
  • Mycotoxin treatment, reduction of DON
  • Higher quality of coarse meals
  • Higher yields of light flour and semolina
  • Higher mill capacity
  • Capacity of up to 16 t/h
  • Drive power of up to 90 kW
  • Compatible with PLC
  • Tried and tested